This is the home of the Check4Change FireFox extension.
The newest version is 1.9.6 available here.

First Time?

Check4Change is designed to be intuitive and simple for the new user, yet powerful for the advanced user.
Read the tutorial for first-time use, and for the full feature documentation.

Feeling Like a VIP?

If you use Check4Change often and find it useful, consider becoming a C4C VIP.
By becoming VIP you help support the project, and also get some cool stuff, including email notification and several new groovy sound bites.
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Got Feedback?

I'm always happy to hear your ideas, bugs, feature requests or general words of praise or ridicule.
Use the feedback form. I read and try to respond to all messages.

What's New?

New features in version 1.9.6:

New features in version 1.9.5:

New features in version 1.9.4:

New features in version 1.9.3:

New features in version 1.9:

New features in version 1.8.6: